Does Planet Fitness Have a Pool? 

Are you a fitness enthusiast craving a refreshing dip after an intense workout? Or perhaps you’re simply seeking a gym with a pool to add some variety to your routine? If Planet Fitness is on your radar, you might be wondering:

Does Planet Fitness have a pool? Buckle up, because we’re diving deep into this burning question, exploring the truth behind this popular gym chain’s aquatic offerings (or lack thereof).

Tell Me More About Pools at Planet Fitness! Do They Have Them?

Tell Me More About Pools at Planet Fitness

Let’s cut to the chase: Planet Fitness does not have pools at any of their locations. This fact may come as a disappointment to pool enthusiasts and those seeking a comprehensive fitness experience under one roof. As the second-largest gym chain in the United States, with over 2,300 locations nationwide, the absence of pools is a significant factor for potential members to consider.

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How Do You Know for Sure?

At, we take pride in providing accurate and up-to-date information to our readers. To ensure the validity of our claim, we embarked on a thorough research process:

  • Individual Gym Page Inspection: We meticulously examined every single one of Planet Fitness’s 2,000+ gym pages, scouring for any mention or indication of pool facilities.
  • Social Media Sweep: Our team scoured through Planet Fitness’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts, searching for any visual or textual clues about pools.
  • Customer Service Confirmation: To leave no stone unturned, we reached out to Planet Fitness’s customer care representatives, who confirmed definitively that the chain does not offer pools at any of their locations.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have Pools?

While the lack of pools at Planet Fitness may be disappointing for some, there are several plausible reasons behind this decision:

  1. Cost and Maintenance Considerations: Installing and maintaining a pool is an expensive endeavor. From cleaning and chemicals to certified personnel, the costs associated with pools could potentially drive up Planet Fitness’s membership costs, conflicting with their core value proposition of affordable pricing.
  2. Space Constraints: Typical Planet Fitness locations span approximately 20,000 square feet, which may not be sufficient to accommodate a full-sized swimming pool and the necessary supporting facilities.
  3. Prioritization of Other Amenities: Planet Fitness’s focus lies in providing a “Judgement-Free” workout environment, along with cardio and strength training zones, small group fitness training areas, tanning beds, and massage chairs (via their Black Card membership). Pools may not align with their primary fitness offerings.
  4. Maintaining Low Membership Costs: As a budget-oriented gym chain, Planet Fitness prides itself on offering memberships at a low cost, often around $10 per month at many locations. Adding pools could potentially increase membership fees, deterring their target audience seeking affordable fitness options.

Will Planet Fitness Have Pools in the Future?

Based on the evidence and rationale presented, it seems highly unlikely that Planet Fitness will introduce pools to their existing or future locations. Adding a swimming pool to an established gym chain is a complex and costly undertaking, which may not align with their business model of providing accessible and affordable fitness solutions.

While we can’t completely rule out the possibility of Planet Fitness reconsidering their stance on pools in the distant future, it’s safe to assume that this amenity is not a priority for the gym chain at the moment.

Closing Thoughts

While the lack of pools at Planet Fitness may disappoint some fitness enthusiasts, it’s important to recognize that the gym chain has made strategic decisions to prioritize other amenities and maintain their value pricing. If a swimming pool is a non-negotiable requirement for you, it may be wise to explore alternative gym options that cater to your aquatic needs.

However, if you’re primarily focused on strength training, cardio, and a judgment-free environment, Planet Fitness could still be an excellent choice. Don’t let the absence of a pool deter you from taking advantage of their other offerings and achieving your fitness goals.

Still Looking to Swim and Find a Pool Nearby?

If a pool is an essential component of your fitness routine, fear not! has compiled a comprehensive database of gyms with swimming pools across the United States. Head over to our Gyms with Swimming Pools page to explore your options and find the perfect aquatic haven near you.

Planet Fitness by the Numbers

To provide some context, let’s delve into some statistics about Planet Fitness and the availability of pools in gyms:

Total Planet Fitness Gyms Tracked

  • 2,300+ Planet Fitness locations across the United States

Gyms with a Pool

  • According to our research, there are approximately 1,092 gyms across the country that offer swimming pool facilities.

Percent of Locations with a Pool

  • 0% of Planet Fitness locations have a pool.


Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have a Pool?

The primary reasons behind Planet Fitness’s decision to exclude pools from their locations include:

  • Cost and maintenance considerations
  • Space constraints at typical 20,000 square foot locations
  • Prioritization of other amenities (cardio, strength training, tanning, massage chairs)
  • Maintaining low membership costs ($10/month at many locations)

What Makes Planet Fitness Different from Other Gyms?

Planet Fitness sets itself apart by offering a “Judgement-Free” workout environment, attractive value pricing (often around $10/month), and a focus on cardio and strength training equipment. Additionally, their Black Card membership provides access to amenities like tanning beds and massage chairs.

Can My Wife Use My PF Black Card?

Yes, the Planet Fitness Black Card membership allows for unlimited guest privileges, enabling you to bring your spouse or a friend to the gym with you at no additional cost.

Can You Actually Work Out at Planet Fitness?

Absolutely! While Planet Fitness may not cater to hardcore bodybuilders or powerlifters, they offer a wide range of cardio equipment, strength training machines, and free weights. Their facilities are designed to provide an accessible and inclusive fitness experience for individuals of all levels.

Remember, at, our mission is to provide you with accurate and valuable information to help you make informed decisions about your fitness journey. We hope this comprehensive guide has shed light on the topic of pools at Planet Fitness and empowered you to explore the options that best suit your needs.

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